Whether you’re a Yogi here on vacation and want to experience yoga on our sugary shores, or a local looking for a means of gaining focus, strength, flexibility and peace of mind, we have a yoga class for you!

CLASSES OFFERED (Shedule varies:)Click here for our current shedule!

VINYASA YOGA:  Flowing sequences (vinyasas) interspersed with a variety of postures cultivates balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.

MINDFULNESS YOGA: Body scans, seated and walking meditation, and yoga cultivate present moment awareness and strengthen mind/body connection.

HOT YOGA: Muscles and joints become loose and pliable during this 90+ degree session of vinyasa  flows and poses.

PRENATAL YOGA classes are a wonderful way for expectant  mothers to bond with their baby and perpare for childbirth with gentle stretches and sequences designed to relieve pregnancy-related aches and pains and keep moms-to-be string and healthy.

YOGILATES: Accelerate body sculpting with this yoga/Pilates Hybrid class emphasizing clarity, form and resistance.  No impact or cardio–just toned, lean results!

BEACHSIDE YOGA: Our sunset and early morning yoga classes on the beach provide an organic catalyst for connecting with nature as you connect with your breath.  A glorious way to experience the breathtaking beauty of our beaches!


Drop-in rate – $10 per class

Unlimited monthly classes – $30/mo (3 month minimum), Childcare $10/mo

No expiration punch card (5 classes) – $40

No expiration punch card (10 classes) – $75

No expiration punch card (20 classes) – $120